NFT COLLECTIONS Launchpad for Celebs & Influencers.

NFTplug brings your NFT idea to realization. From A to Z.
You only need to keep your audience ready.

We Design

We have unlimited artists, creators and designers to transform your idea into the coolest NFTs

We Code

Our full stack and blockchain developers are ready to code every single bit of your drop

We Launch

With 18 months of experience in NFTs and 6 years in cryptos, we know what it takes to crush it

The time is now. Gift your fans with a unique NFT COLLECTION.

Never before such a remunerative & engaged relationship with your crowd was possible.

Cutting Edge Design

Whether you want generative art avatars or play2earn gaming characters or abstract algorithmic art, our design will be top notch.

Seamless Development

State of the art smart contracts, web3 integration, minting interface, secondary market built in royalties and much more.

Killer Launch

No great product is successful without a proper launch and strategic blueprint. 20+ NFT launches after, we know what is the recipe to sell out.

The Process is as easy as...

Your only duty is the idea/vision and engaging with your people .

You define what type of NFT Collection you want

We generate a visual identity for your idea

We game-plan and execute the perfect launch

You establish an early dialogue with your fans

We build the whole mechanics behind it

You present the NFT collection to your audience

Partnership Options.

Flat Fee


starting at

% of Mint





contact us

Who is the team behind NFTplug?

We are the NFT department of Blockchain development agency @decentralized /

What's the best partnership option for us?

We need to fully understand your needs, goals and key metrics (engagement rate, followers count, prior cryptos involvement...) to be able to suggest you

When the partnership dissolves?

That goes inside the contract based on your and our goals and needs. We can establish a one time NFT Drop or a long term full ecosystem development

In what currency will the sale occur?

Everything will be Ethereum based and therefore sale proceedings will be in ETH

What other products can you develop?

On top of the NFT collection, we can develop a game (p2p or mmorpg), a staking/farming platform, a metaverse 3D world and much more

Who will be the owner of the IP?

The client (you) will be the owner of the IP rights belonging to the NFT Collection ("the brand"). Each NFT buyer will become the full owner of all rights after minting